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Hey, the facebook group is back up!

I popped onto facebook and they updated! Yay! So I looked through my favorite lines from before and I found something super awesome:

Figured y'all would appreciate it. <3

Another Smattering

Those who hang out on FanFiction.net have probably heard of Lanaea. For those who haven't she is a wildly popular author of the K/S fanfic Home. But that's not why I'm here. In her drabble collection Brain Matter, she does a chapter that nicely mirrors what we've got here, taking things that Spock commonly says which Jim kindly translates for us.

Here's a few:

Not quite pick-up lines...Collapse )

Affiliate +1

Ladies, gentlemen, and gender-neutrals, am very proud to say that we now have another affiliate for our lovely little group. st_xi_kink, our parent group (for lack of a better epithet) is our newest affiliate.

I apologize for having little else to say about them, but if you haven't heard of the Kink meme, I have nothing to say.



I saw this, and, well, holy hell, I knew I had to share it, and since this is my outlet for all things Spock.....

This is NSFW, but also not above PG13, and is FULL OF LULZ

An ancient and delicate technique applied for aeons to attract Vulcan females, now shockingly reavealed to the world at large!!!Collapse )

An Update!! And an affiliate!!!

Well, after a long tone of silence, I bring FRESH MEAT!!! Or, at least, Fresh pick-up lines, from our new friends over at the Vulcan Pick-Up Lines fangroup on facebook! We are now working together to bring MORE SPOCKISMS TO THE MASSES, HUZZAH!!!

So, here are a whole smattering of new lines posted by the mod over at the fangroup, I believe I shall shortly peruse through the fans' wall to see what other people have come up with!

Fascinating......Collapse )

By the way, any watchers/members, PLEASE feel free to post your own! Share the love!!!

The Initial Installment

The Following are pick-up lines created in a thread on the st_xi_kink kink meme.
Here are the links:

The user who created the lines will precede the set of lines, and the corresponding original line is in bold afterwards.There are repeats, and you'll just have to bear with it. There are also a few lacking translations, for a few reasons:
One-we don't know the line originally used,so if anyone knows the corresponding lines, please enlighten us.
Two-the line retains most of its integrity through the translation, so the origin is still apparent.
Three- the line has been repeated by one of the preceding posters


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Greetings and Salutations!

Hello, this is mondmadchen, aka Whil, and I'm one of the mods here.

I would like to bid you welcome to spock_speak. What is it that we do here? We take colloquialisms and sayings used by humans (colorful metaphors, if you will) and translate them into the sort of English that a Vulcan would have no trouble understanding. We are illogical creatures, after all. It's only courtesy that we make it a little easier to understand what we're saying.

The idea for this group came from the oh-so-lovely st_xi_kink, where a few fics have been posted regarding Spock delivering pick-up lines not in the manner they were originally written, but in his own very precise speech pattern. Many lolz ensued. It was decided and agreed upon (by myself and fellow mods b_dsaint and outofthisplace) that there needed to be a place where these gems could be organized, instead of left forgotten in a comment thread.

Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you spock_speak, "Making Human Colloquialisms More Accessible to Vulcans Since 2009."